Words of Love


Mallory & Michael

Michael and I are so grateful to have been able to work with Heather (or have Heather work on our wedding). Hiring Heather was one of BEST decisions we made throughout this process. We came into this process with very extravagant ideas and Heather was able to put those ideas into reality and make our wedding into the one we had in our dreams. Heather is extremely organized, patient and knowledgeable. Her guidance is invaluable. Without her hard work, talent and reassurance, our dream wedding would have never been what it was!

Thank you so much, 

Mallory and Michael  

Sarah and Michael

One of our best friends, bridesmaid's, and now our wedding planner! Thank you for helping in the process and keeping us well organized, informed and excited about our big day. Right from the beginning of venue searching, your Venue Site Tour service was amazing, and took off much of the stress when we were overwhelmed with finding our right venue. From researching, to booking appointments with venues and creating an efficient touring route, it is honestly was something we couldn't have done alone! Thank you for answering all of our questions, attending to our concerns and ensuring our happiness during our planning. The timeline you created for the Day Of really ensured the day was smooth and you brought to our attention details, like setting a quick specific time alone for us to really just take in the day and realize we were husband and wife.  Thank you wearing the many "hats" you do and you truly are in the profession.  


Sarah and Michael

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Bianca and Andrew

Heather, your 'Engaged, now what' wedding workshop helped clear SO many of my wedding planning questions! Thank you SO much for including a diverse topic list for your presentation....I learned so much about realistic wedding budgeting (thanks for providing the budgeting worksheet, my fiancee and I have used it already), selecting the perfect venue and vendors (loved the vendor spotlight!), family expectations, DIY vs Paying in Full...and so much more. There are so many people in this industry who provide their opinion (whether you ask for it or not, haha), but after attending your workshop I felt reassured that I was getting quality advice, especially because your a certified wedding planner so you ACTUALLY know what your talking about. Honestly planning my wedding has been nothing but overwhelming, and after attending the workshop I feel so much more prepared because I know what to expect...and I don't have to continue wasting hours and HOURS researching  google/pintrest/weddingwire/theknot, YOU NAME IT because you've already done it for me! I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who is in the same position I was weeks ago....engaged and OVERWHELMED! I can't rave enough about this workshop. Plus, we were so happy that you offer a Vendor Referral service and we are so happy we used it. Again taking the stress out of researching some of the vendor categories such as Photographers, you did the research, provided us with photographers within out budget and we were so happy to choose Stef from New Town Images. 

Thank you again for everything,

Bianca and Andrew

Emily and Josh

Where do we even begin? Planning a wedding is a huge event and hiring Heather to plan and coordinate our wedding was exactly what we needed. Heather came in, took a look at what we had already accomplished, narrowed down what we needed to focus on and assisted us in tying up any loose ends, like organizing and securing shuttles to transport our guests to and from an out of city hotel. Heather handled the stress of our day beautifully, ensuring everyone knew their roles for the day, assisted in light set up of our favours, card box, and other little details at the reception hall. Heather also helped find an amazing photo location for a superb photo-op with our wedding party and ourselves. Heather truly has been gifted to plan weddings and it truly shows!

Emily and Josh


Wisdom Weddings offered an amazing wedding workshop that I recently attended. I cannot say enough about how well organized and helpful it was!! Heather from Wisdom Weddings guided us through all of the do's and don'ts of planning your wedding. She offered helpful hints and answered any questions us "Brides to Be" had! I wasn't sure what the wedding workshop would be like but I have ZERO regrets after attending!! It helped prep me for all of the decisions I'm going to need to make over the next year! Heather had awesome advice when dealing with tough subjects such as budgets, family relations etc. She touched on many different topics including vendors, staying organized, DIY'ing and budgeting. She even had a local photographer as a guest speaker who I'm pretty sure one of the other brides ended up booking!! This workshop is unique to Wisdom Weddings and is a "MUST" if you are getting married anytime soon! I would highly recommend this to anyone and bring your moms, friends and wedding party for a fun girls night out!! 

Thanks Heather!

Bride from Wedding Wire