The Engagement...where it all begins!

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Congrats!!! It's such an exciting time after your future spouse has

POPPED THE QUESTION & you have said YES!

The engagement period is the first to follow the proposal excitement and although not everyone loves to be the center of attention, it’s a time to embrace it and get excited. This is the time where you can shout from the roof tops “I’m ENGAGED” as well tell your sweet engagement story to those who are ready to weep happy tears for you! Grab those Kleenex and get ready to tell the story over and over again! But truly enjoy this time, it’s all about you and your future spouse starting to get ready for your BIG DAY!

So after saying YES, you will want to....

Tell Your Parents!

Tell them in person. Make sure to tell parents and siblings first before anything is…well you know “Facebook Official”. You want to give everyone the respect to tell them your exciting news! Also, tell your close friends and family not to spread the word just yet, and that when you have informed everyone you want to, you will make the “official” announcement. For extended family, a nice phone call to inform them is appropriate.

Tip* It might be nice for your future spouse to let them in on the secret of when the proposal is happening, so both sets of parents and siblings can be there on the night of the engagement to help celebrate the exciting news after the question is popped. It’s a fun way to get those Champagne bottles popping! Either way, big or small make sure you tell your family and friends in the way that is memorable and respectful!

Newspaper Announcement & Facebook Official Now!

Next would be to put the announcement in print in the newspaper! This is such a nice keepsake to have for years to come. Of course, now you can also post it officially on Facebook and other social media sites and be prepared for the overwhelming excitement from so many people.

Have a Celebration!

Time to have a party and celebrate. Anyone can host the party. This party should include close family and friends. Remember that the people invited to the engagement party, should all be invited to the wedding. Guests may choose to bring gifts for you but open them after the party in case some guests do not bring anything, its avoids any awkwardness. Be sure to write a nice hand written thank you card for gifts and for anyone who attended the party, gift or no gift. If you know who is going to be in your wedding party then this is a great time for the whole party to meet as well give an introduction to family members so your wedding party knows some familiar faces on your wedding day!

Do an Engagement Photo Session! 

An engagement photo session is a fun thing to do to get some updated photos of you and your future spouse. Be creative as this can be the telling of the story of your relationship. Incorporate meaningful things that represent both of you. If you both loves horses, have a session at a barn and go horse back riding. Enjoy hiking? On a fall day, grab a flannel blanket and some hot chocolate, and enjoy the colour changing leaves…gorgeous for pictures! You can use props too. Have fun with it! This will also give you some practice for your wedding day! Lights, Camera, Action! Relax and be yourselves! Invest in a photographer that you have a natural connection with. The pictures will be awesome if you can have fun with it and try to be as natural as you can!

Congrats Again and Enjoy your Engagement!