Top 5 Tips for Millennial Brides

This is a Guest Blog Post written by BridesMade

Say goodbye to your stereotypical wedding that includes a white dress, formal ceremony and a classic cake. Millennials are breaking traditions left, right and center which includes scrapping the rules and redefining weddings! This could mean anything from a cake made of macarons to sneakers for the wedding party. You name it, it is possible.

Modern day brides and grooms have a blank canvas to create their most ideal, unique and unforgettable day… but this creative freedom comes with an overload of information and decisions to be made. No sweat, we are here to help and have compiled the top 5 tips for millennial brides to stay sane while planning the coolest wedding ever!

 Find inspiration online

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The resources to find today’s #weddinginspo are endless! From Pinterest to Instagram, to blogs and dedicated websites, you will never find yourself short of hashtags and images to scroll through. You can also head over to wedding forums or local bride-to-be communities for advice and support from those who can relate and offer you the most real recommendations. No need for an inspiration scrapbook with torn out magazine photos anymore - use technology and social media to your advantage.

 Stay organized

While your imagination is running wild, don’t forget to find a way to keep your incredible ideas in order. Try keeping all of your wedding-related ideas in one place - a Google sheet, Pinterest board or notebook. What should go in: to-do-lists, images, invitations, business cards and receipts. Pro tip - set up a special email dedicated to your wedding and keep all correspondences with vendors here. If you’re feeling extra motivated, try organizing your emails by category such as venue, guest list, food, etc.

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Get savvy and stay sustainable

Eco-friendly weddings are increasing in popularity and are very important to millennials! Planning your wedding to use as little waste as possible is extremely rewarding. Look for socially responsible vendors, like BridesMade. BridesMade rents bridesmaid dresses so you can be happy to know that you’re reducing your textile waste! Shop their bridesmaid dresses here.

Involve both partners

In the past, brides made all the decisions about the wedding. But theses days couples are striving for equal decision making throughout the entire wedding planning process. The groom most likely wants to be a part of it more than he lets you know! Planning your wedding together is a once in a lifetime bonding experience that will bring you closer as a couple and end up being a ton of fun.

Timeless over trendy

Caution: fads will not last. Avoid getting lost in ideas that may seem hip and fun now, but will not withstand the test of time - your 50-year-old self is begging you! Filter your ideas with a critical lense that will help you picture if those mashtinis (mashed potatoes served in a martini glass) will still be trendy decades down the road. 

There you have it. Embrace this digitally inspired, ultra-personalized era of weddings and use these tips to help you along the way. Happy planning!