Your Wedding Dress.... what to do with it?

Photo Credit:  Peter B Photography

Photo Credit: Peter B Photography

You have probably thought about your wedding dress since you were a little girl, what style you wanted, what you wanted to feel like when you were in it, and you probably spent a bit of time shopping and choosing it. This is a big item you twirled around in into the wee hours of the night and now it has had no action, it's just hanging there...Sad and Lonely! There's real no golden rule as what you need to do with it so don't stress if you don't know what you want to do! Heck mine is literally swinging from the rafters in the basement, I just look at it as I workout and think will I still fit in it, ha!

But if you are really looking for something to do with it here are a few ideas:

Donate It
There's are a few charitable places you can donate you dress for other brides who maybe can't afford a dress like the Salvation Army stores, or maybe you can find a bride in need through social media that may want your dress to spend her day in. You can donate to The Brides Project, a charity for brides with cancer to purchase a pre-loved wedding gown donated by past brides. The brides walk away with a beautiful and affordable gown and all the proceeds from the dresses are donated to cancer charities.  Another idea are Angel Gowns, these gowns are made from donated gowns for sick babies that have or will pass will be laid to rest in a beautiful outfit. In Ontario there is Precious Angels Niagara and Forever Loved Angel Gowns but you can check with your local hospitals for participating charities in your area       

 ***Please note as of Jan 2018 according their Facebook page Precious Angels Niagara is not currently accepting anymore gowns as they have hit their target of 500 donated gowns which allows them to make 5000 gowns, if you wish to donate, please keep your dresses and follow them on Facebook).

Sell it
You can always sell it, there are a few consignment shops popping up around, these stores help with the advertising and sale of your dress and you can usually get about 60-70% of the sale.  You can also sell it privately but it could be much more of hassle for sure!

Keep It
You have spent the money on it, keep it! If you decide to have children, you can make it into a beautiful christening dress or suit, or maybe you can incorporate into your daughters wedding dress when she gets married.  You can have it professionally cleaned and boxed and a keepsake forever! And if you ever (heaven forbid) decide divorce you can burn it at a divorce party to seal the deal and let all those memories burn! Let’s hope you don’t have to ever do that. It’s a thought though but here is to your marriage being long and beautiful! 

Whatever you choose to do, just make your decision by what will make you happy!