Dealing with those wedding blues...

Now that high wedding season has officially finished, let's chat about the Wedding Blues...they are real! I am no doctor but I can tell you I experienced it for sure after my wedding. So if you are feeling down, you aren't the only one!

Think about it, you having been planning since the moment you got engaged which really may have be 1.5-2.5 years ago!

In that time,

  • You've spent every waking moment talking about your wedding plans with so many
  • You've used countless hours researching your vendors and meeting with them
  • You have put your heart and soul in creating the vision of your wedding

Plus the last year or few have most likely been consumed with weddings because I bet you weren't the only one that got married! Weddings have been on your brain for years by now! And then POOF one day it is all over! Yes, just like that!

When you start to think about it, some feel remorseful that they spent the money that they did, or they feel down with what they don't know what to do with their wedding dress, or they've spent so much time creating decor that now they are surrounded by it all just sitting cluttering rooms.

But don't be sad about it, look back at your day and know you will have those memories forever!

But in the mean time, here's what you can do for your wedding blues:

Take Time
Just because it's over, doesn't mean you have to just start boxing things up, and not talk about it and move on! Take the time to wait for your wedding photos or your wedding video to come in! Once in get some of your wedding pictures developed right away, because if you don't, you probably won't! Have a viewing party for your wedding video with close friends and family!  Take time to remember your memories you created with your love one and be happy your on your next journey together!

Keep Busy
Hopefully your photographer is on the quicker side of things and gets your pics back to you so you can order your thank you cards and get on starting to write them out!  Maybe you need to look for something else to plan! Goal setting works well for this! Maybe another trip, doesn't need to be expensive or maybe complete a task around the house with some of your wedding gift money. Start a new workout routine or take on a new hobby, join a weekly club with some girlfriends! There is so much out there to do! Research and get going!

Pass your knowledge
You might be tied after you come down your wedding high, but share you knowledge onto other upcoming brides and couples.  Think of things you liked, and really enjoyed and think of things you may have changed if you could do it again.  New brides and couples will love to hear your stories, so go ahead, relive your day by telling others about yours!