Choosing Your Wedding Party

So you have said “YES!” to the big question and now it is your turn to ask those to stand beside you on your special day! Some couples will be lucky by just knowing who to pick and having those even numbers fall into place on either side of the wedding party. Other couples may have a more difficult time choosing because…well there is a lot to consider! One partner may have more friends than the other partner, some couples don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, while others can’t pick between family and close friends.  My biggest advice to you is “do what makes YOU and your HEART happy”. Again this becomes more of a personal choice because you yourself know who you want to stand beside you on your wedding day! Choosing can be a difficult decision so don’t rush into it! You also have to remember you won’t be able to make everyone happy, so keeping yourself happy will be the best start. So things to help you decide:

Reflect on your Past Relationships                                                                        

Think about who you have in your life, sister, brothers, best friends, cousins etc. and write down their names! Write down beside them, qualities you love about them as well as a happy memory you have about that person. Consider how much you have seen them in the past. Have they made an impact on your life every day? Are they willing to help you at the drop of a hat? Do they really want the best for you? These questions can help to narrow down who is truly special to you!

What Type of Personalities Do you Want in your Wedding Party?        

Each person you have in your life is different. That’s what makes the world go round! Think of how you want your planning and your day to look like with your wedding party? Do you want everyone there for the ride and don’t really care if there is a ton of help? Do you want to ask people who are ready to help no matter what the task is? What kind of people are your friends and family you are considering? Are they fun and full of life, are they serious and get down to business?  Think of how the personalities will work together? Is there someone to take charge? Someone who sits back and goes with the flow? The peacekeeper and compromising one! Again, taking a detailed look at who you are considering is a great idea to really see what your day can look like or turn into!

Ask Your Partner                                                                                                          

Remember to ask your partner for their ideas and opinions. It’s great to collaborate together when choosing your wedding party. Who have you both become really close to in the past few years since you both have started dating? Maybe there is a special couple that you have become great friends with and want to have them both. Does your partner want a large wedding party or small wedding party?  Help each other choose and if you are really having trouble, let your partner be the final decision for you. Your partner may see something more black and white and be able to not get emotionally involved like you are and you can do the same for them.

Using these questions and tips can help to narrow it down. Again it does become a personal thing but really take the time and reflect. You want to stand up on your wedding day and look down the row (on both sides) and say “Yes, I am so happy and honoured that these amazing friends and family have chosen to stand beside myself and my partner on our wedding day!”

So last thing about your wedding party, don’t forget to actually ask them! And ask them in a fun and cute way! Have both partners be included and come up with an idea to ask the wedding party! Ask each person individually or have a surprise group night in to ask them!  Give your bridal party a small token gift, something tangible (doesn’t need to be expensive) but something for them to keep and to remind them of when you asked” Will you be in our wedding party?”

Happy Planning!