Personalize & Be Happy!

In our last post we talked about the first and foremost Engagement portion of the wedding planning! Now we are going to jump to the end stage of wedding planning! Why you ask? Because after it is all said and done and you have been planning for a year or more, now is the time when you think back and reflect on the good, the bad and the ugly! And sometimes those “bad” and “ugly” feelings can over take that perfect day!

So whenever we meet a “past” bride, we always ask, “If you had one piece of advice for future brides, what would it be?”. The most popular response we always get is “Don’t try to please everyone, pick what makes you happy as a couple and if you do that, everyone else will be happy!”

How true?

Think about when you have planned something, a birthday party, a dinner party, or even a small get together. You plan so much into thinking what others will think or say about the event, but in the end if you open your door and you yourself think it’s the greatest thing from slice bread, heck, others will think so too. You will never please everyone, but if people can see that this wedding represents you and your new future spouse together, this stands as a statement far bigger than if you have a cookie cutter wedding and copy what others are doing because it’s the “right” thing to do!

So stand apart and be different! Personalize your wedding and get happy! Plan your wedding you truly think is out of this world and show off who you are as a couple! The guests will see how happy you truly are and they will not be disappointed to celebrate this with you!

Happy Planning!