Top 5 Tips for Millennial Brides

This is a Guest Blog Post written by BridesMade

Say goodbye to your stereotypical wedding that includes a white dress, formal ceremony and a classic cake. Millennials are breaking traditions left, right and center which includes scrapping the rules and redefining weddings! This could mean anything from a cake made of macarons to sneakers for the wedding party. You name it, it is possible.

Modern day brides and grooms have a blank canvas to create their most ideal, unique and unforgettable day… but this creative freedom comes with an overload of information and decisions to be made. No sweat, we are here to help and have compiled the top 5 tips for millennial brides to stay sane while planning the coolest wedding ever!

 Find inspiration online

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The resources to find today’s #weddinginspo are endless! From Pinterest to Instagram, to blogs and dedicated websites, you will never find yourself short of hashtags and images to scroll through. You can also head over to wedding forums or local bride-to-be communities for advice and support from those who can relate and offer you the most real recommendations. No need for an inspiration scrapbook with torn out magazine photos anymore - use technology and social media to your advantage.

 Stay organized

While your imagination is running wild, don’t forget to find a way to keep your incredible ideas in order. Try keeping all of your wedding-related ideas in one place - a Google sheet, Pinterest board or notebook. What should go in: to-do-lists, images, invitations, business cards and receipts. Pro tip - set up a special email dedicated to your wedding and keep all correspondences with vendors here. If you’re feeling extra motivated, try organizing your emails by category such as venue, guest list, food, etc.

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Get savvy and stay sustainable

Eco-friendly weddings are increasing in popularity and are very important to millennials! Planning your wedding to use as little waste as possible is extremely rewarding. Look for socially responsible vendors, like BridesMade. BridesMade rents bridesmaid dresses so you can be happy to know that you’re reducing your textile waste! Shop their bridesmaid dresses here.

Involve both partners

In the past, brides made all the decisions about the wedding. But theses days couples are striving for equal decision making throughout the entire wedding planning process. The groom most likely wants to be a part of it more than he lets you know! Planning your wedding together is a once in a lifetime bonding experience that will bring you closer as a couple and end up being a ton of fun.

Timeless over trendy

Caution: fads will not last. Avoid getting lost in ideas that may seem hip and fun now, but will not withstand the test of time - your 50-year-old self is begging you! Filter your ideas with a critical lense that will help you picture if those mashtinis (mashed potatoes served in a martini glass) will still be trendy decades down the road. 

There you have it. Embrace this digitally inspired, ultra-personalized era of weddings and use these tips to help you along the way. Happy planning!

Your Wedding Dress.... what to do with it?

Photo Credit:  Peter B Photography

Photo Credit: Peter B Photography

You have probably thought about your wedding dress since you were a little girl, what style you wanted, what you wanted to feel like when you were in it, and you probably spent a bit of time shopping and choosing it. This is a big item you twirled around in into the wee hours of the night and now it has had no action, it's just hanging there...Sad and Lonely! There's real no golden rule as what you need to do with it so don't stress if you don't know what you want to do! Heck mine is literally swinging from the rafters in the basement, I just look at it as I workout and think will I still fit in it, ha!

But if you are really looking for something to do with it here are a few ideas:

Donate It
There's are a few charitable places you can donate you dress for other brides who maybe can't afford a dress like the Salvation Army stores, or maybe you can find a bride in need through social media that may want your dress to spend her day in. You can donate to The Brides Project, a charity for brides with cancer to purchase a pre-loved wedding gown donated by past brides. The brides walk away with a beautiful and affordable gown and all the proceeds from the dresses are donated to cancer charities.  Another idea are Angel Gowns, these gowns are made from donated gowns for sick babies that have or will pass will be laid to rest in a beautiful outfit. In Ontario there is Precious Angels Niagara and Forever Loved Angel Gowns but you can check with your local hospitals for participating charities in your area       

 ***Please note as of Jan 2018 according their Facebook page Precious Angels Niagara is not currently accepting anymore gowns as they have hit their target of 500 donated gowns which allows them to make 5000 gowns, if you wish to donate, please keep your dresses and follow them on Facebook).

Sell it
You can always sell it, there are a few consignment shops popping up around, these stores help with the advertising and sale of your dress and you can usually get about 60-70% of the sale.  You can also sell it privately but it could be much more of hassle for sure!

Keep It
You have spent the money on it, keep it! If you decide to have children, you can make it into a beautiful christening dress or suit, or maybe you can incorporate into your daughters wedding dress when she gets married.  You can have it professionally cleaned and boxed and a keepsake forever! And if you ever (heaven forbid) decide divorce you can burn it at a divorce party to seal the deal and let all those memories burn! Let’s hope you don’t have to ever do that. It’s a thought though but here is to your marriage being long and beautiful! 

Whatever you choose to do, just make your decision by what will make you happy!

Dealing with those wedding blues...

Dealing with those wedding blues...

Now that high wedding season has officially finished, let's chat about the Wedding Blues...they are real! I am no doctor but I can tell you I experienced it for sure after my wedding. So if you are feeling down, you aren't the only one!

Think about it, you having been planning since the moment you got engaged which really may have be 1.5-2.5 years ago!

In that time,

  • You've spent every waking moment talking about your wedding plans with so many
  • You've used countless hours researching your vendors and meeting with them
  • You have put your heart and soul in creating the vision of your wedding

Plus the last year or few have most likely been consumed with weddings because I bet you weren't the only one that got married! Weddings have been on your brain for years by now! And then POOF one day it is all over! Yes, just like that!

When you start to think about it, some feel remorseful that they spent the money that they did, or they feel down with what they don't know what to do with their wedding dress, or they've spent so much time creating decor that now they are surrounded by it all just sitting cluttering rooms.

But don't be sad about it, look back at your day and know you will have those memories forever!

But in the mean time, here's what you can do for your wedding blues:

Take Time
Just because it's over, doesn't mean you have to just start boxing things up, and not talk about it and move on! Take the time to wait for your wedding photos or your wedding video to come in! Once in get some of your wedding pictures developed right away, because if you don't, you probably won't! Have a viewing party for your wedding video with close friends and family!  Take time to remember your memories you created with your love one and be happy your on your next journey together!

Keep Busy
Hopefully your photographer is on the quicker side of things and gets your pics back to you so you can order your thank you cards and get on starting to write them out!  Maybe you need to look for something else to plan! Goal setting works well for this! Maybe another trip, doesn't need to be expensive or maybe complete a task around the house with some of your wedding gift money. Start a new workout routine or take on a new hobby, join a weekly club with some girlfriends! There is so much out there to do! Research and get going!

Pass your knowledge
You might be tied after you come down your wedding high, but share you knowledge onto other upcoming brides and couples.  Think of things you liked, and really enjoyed and think of things you may have changed if you could do it again.  New brides and couples will love to hear your stories, so go ahead, relive your day by telling others about yours!


Choosing Your Wedding Party

Choosing Your Wedding Party

So you have said “YES!” to the big question and now it is your turn to ask those to stand beside you on your special day! Some couples will be lucky by just knowing who to pick and having those even numbers fall into place on either side of the wedding party. Other couples may have a more difficult time choosing because…well there is a lot to consider! One partner may have more friends than the other partner, some couples don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, while others can’t pick between family and close friends.  My biggest advice to you is “do what makes YOU and your HEART happy”. Again this becomes more of a personal choice because you yourself know who you want to stand beside you on your wedding day! Choosing can be a difficult decision so don’t rush into it! You also have to remember you won’t be able to make everyone happy, so keeping yourself happy will be the best start. So things to help you decide:

Reflect on your Past Relationships                                                                        

Think about who you have in your life, sister, brothers, best friends, cousins etc. and write down their names! Write down beside them, qualities you love about them as well as a happy memory you have about that person. Consider how much you have seen them in the past. Have they made an impact on your life every day? Are they willing to help you at the drop of a hat? Do they really want the best for you? These questions can help to narrow down who is truly special to you!

What Type of Personalities Do you Want in your Wedding Party?        

Each person you have in your life is different. That’s what makes the world go round! Think of how you want your planning and your day to look like with your wedding party? Do you want everyone there for the ride and don’t really care if there is a ton of help? Do you want to ask people who are ready to help no matter what the task is? What kind of people are your friends and family you are considering? Are they fun and full of life, are they serious and get down to business?  Think of how the personalities will work together? Is there someone to take charge? Someone who sits back and goes with the flow? The peacekeeper and compromising one! Again, taking a detailed look at who you are considering is a great idea to really see what your day can look like or turn into!

Ask Your Partner                                                                                                          

Remember to ask your partner for their ideas and opinions. It’s great to collaborate together when choosing your wedding party. Who have you both become really close to in the past few years since you both have started dating? Maybe there is a special couple that you have become great friends with and want to have them both. Does your partner want a large wedding party or small wedding party?  Help each other choose and if you are really having trouble, let your partner be the final decision for you. Your partner may see something more black and white and be able to not get emotionally involved like you are and you can do the same for them.

Using these questions and tips can help to narrow it down. Again it does become a personal thing but really take the time and reflect. You want to stand up on your wedding day and look down the row (on both sides) and say “Yes, I am so happy and honoured that these amazing friends and family have chosen to stand beside myself and my partner on our wedding day!”

So last thing about your wedding party, don’t forget to actually ask them! And ask them in a fun and cute way! Have both partners be included and come up with an idea to ask the wedding party! Ask each person individually or have a surprise group night in to ask them!  Give your bridal party a small token gift, something tangible (doesn’t need to be expensive) but something for them to keep and to remind them of when you asked” Will you be in our wedding party?”

Happy Planning!

Personalize & Be Happy!

Personalize & Be Happy!

In our last post we talked about the first and foremost Engagement portion of the wedding planning! Now we are going to jump to the end stage of wedding planning! Why you ask? Because after it is all said and done and you have been planning for a year or more, now is the time when you think back and reflect on the good, the bad and the ugly! And sometimes those “bad” and “ugly” feelings can over take that perfect day!

So whenever we meet a “past” bride, we always ask, “If you had one piece of advice for future brides, what would it be?”. The most popular response we always get is “Don’t try to please everyone, pick what makes you happy as a couple and if you do that, everyone else will be happy!”

How true?

Think about when you have planned something, a birthday party, a dinner party, or even a small get together. You plan so much into thinking what others will think or say about the event, but in the end if you open your door and you yourself think it’s the greatest thing from slice bread, heck, others will think so too. You will never please everyone, but if people can see that this wedding represents you and your new future spouse together, this stands as a statement far bigger than if you have a cookie cutter wedding and copy what others are doing because it’s the “right” thing to do!

So stand apart and be different! Personalize your wedding and get happy! Plan your wedding you truly think is out of this world and show off who you are as a couple! The guests will see how happy you truly are and they will not be disappointed to celebrate this with you!

Happy Planning!

The Engagement...where it all begins!

engagement ring.jpg

Congrats!!! It's such an exciting time after your future spouse has

POPPED THE QUESTION & you have said YES!

The engagement period is the first to follow the proposal excitement and although not everyone loves to be the center of attention, it’s a time to embrace it and get excited. This is the time where you can shout from the roof tops “I’m ENGAGED” as well tell your sweet engagement story to those who are ready to weep happy tears for you! Grab those Kleenex and get ready to tell the story over and over again! But truly enjoy this time, it’s all about you and your future spouse starting to get ready for your BIG DAY!

So after saying YES, you will want to....

Tell Your Parents!

Tell them in person. Make sure to tell parents and siblings first before anything is…well you know “Facebook Official”. You want to give everyone the respect to tell them your exciting news! Also, tell your close friends and family not to spread the word just yet, and that when you have informed everyone you want to, you will make the “official” announcement. For extended family, a nice phone call to inform them is appropriate.

Tip* It might be nice for your future spouse to let them in on the secret of when the proposal is happening, so both sets of parents and siblings can be there on the night of the engagement to help celebrate the exciting news after the question is popped. It’s a fun way to get those Champagne bottles popping! Either way, big or small make sure you tell your family and friends in the way that is memorable and respectful!

Newspaper Announcement & Facebook Official Now!

Next would be to put the announcement in print in the newspaper! This is such a nice keepsake to have for years to come. Of course, now you can also post it officially on Facebook and other social media sites and be prepared for the overwhelming excitement from so many people.

Have a Celebration!

Time to have a party and celebrate. Anyone can host the party. This party should include close family and friends. Remember that the people invited to the engagement party, should all be invited to the wedding. Guests may choose to bring gifts for you but open them after the party in case some guests do not bring anything, its avoids any awkwardness. Be sure to write a nice hand written thank you card for gifts and for anyone who attended the party, gift or no gift. If you know who is going to be in your wedding party then this is a great time for the whole party to meet as well give an introduction to family members so your wedding party knows some familiar faces on your wedding day!

Do an Engagement Photo Session! 

An engagement photo session is a fun thing to do to get some updated photos of you and your future spouse. Be creative as this can be the telling of the story of your relationship. Incorporate meaningful things that represent both of you. If you both loves horses, have a session at a barn and go horse back riding. Enjoy hiking? On a fall day, grab a flannel blanket and some hot chocolate, and enjoy the colour changing leaves…gorgeous for pictures! You can use props too. Have fun with it! This will also give you some practice for your wedding day! Lights, Camera, Action! Relax and be yourselves! Invest in a photographer that you have a natural connection with. The pictures will be awesome if you can have fun with it and try to be as natural as you can!

Congrats Again and Enjoy your Engagement!