Wise Wedding Session

Confused where to start?

Needing to find your next focus of wedding planning?

Have questions or concerns & need some concrete advice?

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Your Session will Include:

  1.  45 minutes Free Wise Wedding Session via Skype or Phone Call to speak with a Certified Wedding Planning
  2. A wedding vision review, taking notes of what you have completed and defining what is next        
  3. Unanswered questions you have with wedding planning                                                                                    
  4.  Assistance in creating a Wedding Plan setting you up for successs
This call is exactly what I needed! Heather was there to listen to all my worries and concerns of my big day, but she quickly helped eased them all! Heather even sent me a vision review of what my day would look like and just by reading it, I knew that my planning was on the right track. I booked Heather for her “Day Of Itinerary” service and I am so happy I did. She was thorough in getting my day organized and put together an itinerary that I would not have been able to do by myself. So happy with the service.
— Lauren
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Forever and always...