A La Carte

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Budget Consult/Design   $169



Looking for insight with your wedding budget? Not sure how much weddings cost? Are you confused about how much to spend on each vendor?  Our Budgeting Consult is right for you. Allow us to ease your worries! We will talk to you about your wedding budget, work with you giving you tips of how and where to save money, and help you determine your realistic budget!

Package Includes
1 Hour Skype Consultation                           Access to Certified Wedding Planner
Client Access Online Budgeting Tool 

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Day of Itinerary Creation $ 179



You have gathered the pieces for your event, you know who you have hired but now you need to put your plan together and inform wedding party, vendors and family of how you envision your day playing out! Allow us to create that with you. It can be overwhelming to think of your wedding day minute by minute, so we can alleviate all the stress while working with you. 

Package Includes
1 Hour Skype Consultation with a Certified Wedding Planner
Client Access for Itinerary Draft and Review Session (1 Hour)
Customized Printable Full Wedding Day Itinerary
Customized Printable Vendor Contacts Information Form
Customized Printable Vendor Itinerary